Temporary Exhibition Walls

A temporary exhibition wall

We specialise in the installation of temporary exhibition walls, to each clients own specification. The main difference with our installations is that Art work can be hung directly from it, unlike many exhibition contractors where the panel surfaces cannot be attached to in any way. Our exhibition panels are all fire rated to H&S regulations.

Technical details:

  • The dimensions are: 2.440m x 1m x 50mm, finished size when joined are 2.490m x 1m.
  • They are constructed from a 25mm x 45mm timber skeleton, and clad either side with 3mm fire retardant plywood.
  • The surface is freshly painted with white emulsion, prior to installation.
  • When the panels are installed the joints are taped and touched up with paint.
  • The panels are installed in runs with returns to support themselves. This could also be installed in 'L', 'T' or box shapes depending upon your exhibition layout. We are more than happy to help you plan the layout, or possible use of space that you have to work within for your own exhibition needs.
  • The panels are delivered, installed and removed by our own team.


  • Cost per panel 1st week hire: £20 + VAT
  • Additional weekly hire: £10 + VAT
  • Installation: Cost dependent upon size of contract/logistics.
  • Transportation: Cost dependent upon the amount of panels to be transported and to where.
A temporary exhibition wall
A temporary exhibition wall
A temporary exhibition wall
A temporary exhibition wall
A temporary exhibition wall

Sample client list

  • The Gagliardi Gallery, Kings Road, London
  • Chelsea Town Hall, all areas transformed into a Gallery not a Fair.
  • The British Library, London
  • The Goldsmiths Pavillion at Somerset House
  • The British Heart Foundation Headquarters
  • Numerous installations at the Truman Brewery